Industrial Water Filtration Systems

(Charlotte, NC) - Monitoring Management (MonMan) is pleased to announce its expansion into the industrial and commercial water filtration system industry.

MonMan is a top source of quality water filtration systems from 10 GPD (Gallons per Day) to 500,000 GPD. We design, market, install and service our filtration systems. We can custom design a system to include Reverse Osmosis, Deionization, Polishing, Carbon block/bed and membrane filtration methods.

Says Founder and President Vicky Hulland, "MonMan has been a premier supplier of specialty HVAC, Electrical, Monitoring and Raised Floor systems for nearly two decades, and the addition of commercial and industrial water filtration to our mission critical portfolio will allow us to better serve our customers and the industry."

MonMan is a Division 09, 15 and 16 firm specializing in market entry, sales channel development and service of efficient solutions for mission critical facilities.

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