MonMan Air Handler Replacement Video

In less than 1 week, MonMan was able to completely replace an air handler serving a critical Cardiac ICU facility.

The old air handler had several problems, including over 10% air leakage, loud fans and motors, rust/corrosion, and severe vibration problems that could be felt outside of the mechanical room in patient treatment rooms.

In conjunction with Air Enterprises, and Embree Reed Mechanical Contractors, MonMan was hired to design and build a new AHU with minimal downtime, while increasing the cooling capacity by 18% versus the old AHU.

The actual building of the new air handler took less than 1.5 days! Watch as the old AHU is demolished, new AHU built, and duct and piping connections put into place.

The new AHU had to fit through a 3 foot door, after passing from the loading dock, through 4 sets of doors, one elevator, and 1/4 mile of hallway to reach its final location.

The new AHU has a 40 year casing warranty, and a 40 year low leakage guarantee of 0.5% or less air leakage. Due to the construction methods used in the AHU, the new unit, although 18% larger than the older unit, consumes less electricity, and is cleaner and much quieter.

Read more about our AHU replacements, and feel free to give us a call or email to discuss replacing an AHU at your critical facility!

Watch as an old Air Handler is torn out and a new Custom Air Handler is built on site in less than 2 days.

This Air Handler serves a highly critical medical facility: A Cardiac ICU Wing.

The old air handler was loud, dirty and unreliable. Additionally, it had an air leakage rate that was over 10%. This was costing the hospital significant energy losses.

The time was right to replace the old Air Handler.

The major challenge, besides needing to complete the replacement with minimal hospital operations and patient impact, was the 3 foot wide door that the new 16,280 CFM air handling unit had to fit through.

Traditional methods of replacing AHUs in hard-to-reach areas are:

1) Use a standard, packaged unit, tear it apart in the field, and reassemble in place, hoping the warranty will be honored and the air leakage is somehow kept in check. (unlikely!)
2) Tear out walls, use cranes and lifts to allow a fully assembled or modular air handling unit to be rigged in place. (Yet, how would this work on the interior of a building where you can't tear out walls?)

Both of these options have major drawbacks including time, expense and major site impacts.

Using SiteBilt technology, MonMan can replace old, leaky, inefficient air handlers with new, efficient and clean custom AHUs.

These new units have a 40 Year Casing Warranty, and low air leakage (less than 0.5%) for the life of the unit.

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