Data Center Cooling Systems: An open letter to Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine regarding their recent interview-article

Nice article and interviews. A trend we have seen at MonMan over the past 10 years has been end users and cooling manufacturers leading the way, with the engineers playing catch-up. No offense intended, especially to Barton Hogge, who we've worked with before on Electrical and HVAC work for Data Centers in the SouthEast. He's a great guy and a great engineer.

When 2 Cents Becomes Priceless

Navigating the World of Engineering & Sales by Always Doing What's Best for the Customer

Navigating the World of Engineering & Sales by Always Doing What's Best for the Customer - Sailing Between Two Rocks

Point Blank

Waiting to Happen?

Rusted Piping

Create a Caption!

What comes to mind when you see the above? I'd like to know what caption comes to mind when you see this picture!

My caption for this photo is: "future failure"

Modular: Pieces of a Broken Whole?

The Drawbacks of Modular Design

Modular AHUIn today's fast-paced world, managers are constantly looking for ways to expedite projects. Instead of starting from scratch, using modular or partially-assembled components can save time.

MonMan Air Handler Replacement Video

In less than 1 week, MonMan was able to completely replace an air handler serving a critical Cardiac ICU facility.

The old air handler had several problems, including over 10% air leakage, loud fans and motors, rust/corrosion, and severe vibration problems that could be felt outside of the mechanical room in patient treatment rooms.

The Energy Efficiency Industry Cools Off

Leaky Air Handlers Energy Efficiency

With budgets stretched thin and new construction at a simmer rather than the rapid boil of years past, many facilities managers are looking for ways to modernize their existing buildings. Once they look past the usual suspects of inefficient lighting and wasteful water use, where should they turn?

Live for Their Win

A member of my sales team recently landed a great sale after a full year of working on an account.  It’s a great sale for a number of reasons: Obviously, for us, it’s great for the sales numbers and it validates what we (especially this sales person in particular) have been working on for a year.


ClimateWorx Precision Cooling

CLIMATEWORX IS A GLOBAL SUPPLIER OF COOLING SOLUTIONS to mission critical heat loads. With custom design and manufacturing capabilities, ClimateWorx consistently delivers innovative, efficient and quality solutions.

ClimateWorx prides itself in having multiple strengths, including: fast delivery, special customization of products for clients, as well as technology like plenum fans, in-row cooling, and Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Legionnaires’ Outbreak Highlights Critical HVAC Systems

A recent outbreak of Legionnaires' Disease, commonly associated with contaminated HVAC and Hydronic systems, highlights the importance of proper HVAC design and maintenance.

At least 102 people have been infected with Legionella pneumophila bacteria in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. The source of the bacteria is believed to be a contaminated cooling tower in a government building.

Healthcare HVAC and AHU Replacement

Healthcare HVAC

Healthcare HVAC and Air Handler Replacement

MonMan provides comprehensive design, selection and development services for large, custom air handling systems.

For years, MonMan has been known for selling the best Custom Air Handlers (AHUs) available.

We have 20 years' experience in custom air handlers in these types of applications:


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