Stulz CyberCon

Stulz CyberCon

The Stulz CyberCon is a self-contained, efficient and modular containerized data center cooling solution

The Stulz CyberCon is the most advanced and engineerd containerized data center cooling system.

Modularity increases flexibility and allows data center capacity to align quickly with demand.

A modular data center provides the flexibility to keep up with both short and long term capacity requirements in a quick and cost-effective way.

  • Reduce high, upfront capital investments
  • Decrease cooling costs
  • Adapt to rapidly changing business conditions
  • Facilitate standardization
  • Construct in advance
  • Reduce lengthy deployment for additional capacity


Available in 2 sizes; 20’ and 40’ standard high cube container dimensions

  • 20’ consisting of 2 independent units
  • 40’ consisting of 4 independent units


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