Stulz CyberHandler

Stulz CyberHandler

The Stulz CyberHandler is a modular, custom, efficient air handler for mission critical spaces. Capable of freecooling and adiabatic cooling

The Stulz CyberHandler is revolutionizing medium to large data centers by freeing up valuable floorspace and decreasing power consumption through economies of scale.

By using fewer, larger air handling units, your installation and maintenance costs will dramatically decrease as well.

Stulz CyberHandler Side Mount Grade


  • Rooftop mounted or side of building mounted
  • Parallel units together to scale for required capacity
  • Modular construction allows unit to be configured for different requirements
  • Suitable for use with new or for expanding existing data centers
  • Low air pressure drop (no air restrictions due to pad or heat exchanger) translating into less fan power and more effective cooling

Stulz CyberHandler Rooftop

Freecooling and Economizer

Stulz has years of experience with free cooling in data centers, and the CyberHandler is yet another major product line which incorporates freecooling into the design. Offering the potential for incredible energy savings, switching to economizer mode can save your operations budget significant energy costs.

Chilled Water or Direct Expansion (DX)

Although Chilled Water is more efficient, DX still has advantages for many clients. That's why Stulz created the CyberHandler in flexible Chilled Water or Direct Expansion configurations. You won't have to change your entire cooling system to reap the benefits of the CyberHandler!

Adiabatic Cooling

Adiabatic cooling is efficient and effective, and it's an option on all Stulz CyberHandlers!

Stulz CyberHandler Data Center Cooling Diagram

Advanced Features

  • Foam panel design provides excellent thermal resistance with true thermal break
  • Double wall construction for high strength and no exposed insulation
  • Aluminum skin provides superior corrosion protection and is light weight
  • Pitched roof to allow proper  water drainage and prevent pooling
  • Less than 1% of design CFM air leakage at 1.5 times design static pressure


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