SuperNap Data Center

The SuperNap data center in Las Vegas, which opened last year as one of the largest data centers in the world, has been adding customers on a steady basis.

SuperNap Data Center Facts:

  • 407,000 square feet of space
  • 250 MVA Switch owned substation
  • 146 MVA of generator capacity
  • 84 MVA of UPS supply
  • 44,000 tons of system plus system cooling
  • 5,400,000 CFM
  • 30 cooling towers
  • 100% heat containment using thermal-scif™
  • T-scif™ designed for 1500 watts per sq. ft. density
  • 7000+ cabinets
  • Armed 24/7/365 military trained
  • Switch employed security staff

More on the SuperNap data center:

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