Data Center Cooling Systems: An open letter to Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine regarding their recent interview-article

Nice article and interviews. A trend we have seen at MonMan over the past 10 years has been end users and cooling manufacturers leading the way, with the engineers playing catch-up. No offense intended, especially to Barton Hogge, who we've worked with before on Electrical and HVAC work for Data Centers in the SouthEast. He's a great guy and a great engineer.


ClimateWorx Precision Cooling

CLIMATEWORX IS A GLOBAL SUPPLIER OF COOLING SOLUTIONS to mission critical heat loads. With custom design and manufacturing capabilities, ClimateWorx consistently delivers innovative, efficient and quality solutions.

ClimateWorx prides itself in having multiple strengths, including: fast delivery, special customization of products for clients, as well as technology like plenum fans, in-row cooling, and Computational Fluid Dynamics.

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