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Data Center Cooling Systems: An open letter to Consulting-Specifying Engineer Magazine regarding their recent interview-article

Nice article and interviews. A trend we have seen at MonMan over the past 10 years has been end users and cooling manufacturers leading the way, with the engineers playing catch-up. No offense intended, especially to Barton Hogge, who we've worked with before on Electrical and HVAC work for Data Centers in the SouthEast. He's a great guy and a great engineer.

Let's Ban "Mission Critical"!

MonMan Let's Ban Mission Critical

Wikipedia defines Mission Critical as: "...any factor of a system...whose failure will result in the failure of business operations."

Ok, fair enough.

On first glance, I came up with a few examples of what I would consider mission critical failures:


ClimateWorx Precision Cooling

CLIMATEWORX IS A GLOBAL SUPPLIER OF COOLING SOLUTIONS to mission critical heat loads. With custom design and manufacturing capabilities, ClimateWorx consistently delivers innovative, efficient and quality solutions.

ClimateWorx prides itself in having multiple strengths, including: fast delivery, special customization of products for clients, as well as technology like plenum fans, in-row cooling, and Computational Fluid Dynamics.

Product Distribution & Marketing Development

With 20 years of experience in the construction industry, MonMan is your partner for success in North America.

MonMan Import Export to North America

For 20 years, MonMan has been a pioneer in the construction, building and equipment industries, helping firms establish a North America presence while developing a strong sales, marketing and distribution pipeline for their construction products and equipment.

Solution Selling and What's Best for the Customer

At MonMan, we've always been fanatical about providing solutions for our customers, well before "solution selling" became a catchphrase. It wasn't a catchphrase for us; it was just the way we thought we should do business.

While our competitors were frantically trying to get every single sale, trying to create an assembly line of customers (mere numbers to them), we were trying to create lasting relationships. When we couldn't provide exactly what the client wanted, or what we thought they needed, we would refer them to someone who could.

Data Center Cleaning

A Clean Data Center Will Save You Money!

One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of data center operation is data center cleaning. Even the best data center design can go bad in a few years if your equipment and servers get dirty. Dirt, dust and debris collect under raised floors, on and inside equipment and inside server cabinets.

A dirty data center is inefficient, unhealthy and a Fire Hazard!

Data Center Design & Development

MonMan: A Thought Leader in Data Center Design

MonMan is a boutique firm well-adapted to locating qualified Mission Critical real estate as well as assembling a full concept, design and construction team.

Data Center Design

MonMan can help you navigate your way to IT success

We have a diverse and multi-discipline staff greatly experienced in:

The Power of MonMan

What is the Power of MonMan?

The Power of MonMan is not just a slogan, it is our driving force.

At MonMan, we believe  we are in a unique position to bridge the gap between design, construction and operation.  No one understands the nuances of equipment better than us, and in today's fast-paced, technology-driven environment, the demands being placed on equipment are greater than ever. 

MonMan is more than just a vendor. MonMan provides Comprehensive Solutions for Critical Environments.

Mission Critical (IT) Environments

Understanding the relationship between Facilities and IT is just as important as understanding the realtionship between the End User, Engineering and Contracting teams.  Service, Commissioning and Testing also have their place.


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