Getting Along with Your Vendors

Get the Most From Your Vendors.

MonMan Customer Service

Wait, what? Getting along with my vendors? THEY need to get along with ME, or else they won't be my vendors any more!

That's what you thought when you read the title, yes?

That Warm Fuzzy Feeling - Cigar Shop Humidification

How to Control Humidity in a Cigar Shop

How to Control Humidity in a Cigar shop

As I walked through the door, the thick, sweet aroma filled my nose and instantly I was transported to a different place.

Waiting to Happen?

Rusted Piping

Create a Caption!

What comes to mind when you see the above? I'd like to know what caption comes to mind when you see this picture!

My caption for this photo is: "future failure"

Which is Better: Market Leader or Industry Leader?

Market vs. Industry Leader

MonMan Market Leader vs. Industry Leader

Market Leader and Industry Leader are terms that are often used interchangeably, but it can be argued there is a nuanced distinction between them.

Prioritizing Facility Projects: Urgent vs. Important

How to Make Tough Decisions, Fast.

MonMan Project Management

I wanna be like Ike!

Why Athletes Make Great Business People

How to Win in Business

Why athletes make great businesspeople

Athletes make great business people? What?!? What about all those pro athletes that go bankrupt once they retire? You know, the ones that have to travel to communist countries as sports ambassadors to keep up their lifestyle.


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