How to Hide Cables and Wires in an Office

Effectively managing electrical, IT, voice and data cables in a work environment can be a challenge for any facilities manager.

You should first decide if you simply want to "hide" your cables, or if you want to professionally manage them. Managing cables means routing them in an orderly manner between devices in your network, whether those devices are servers, phones, monitors or other devices.

Raised Floor Panel Types: Concrete vs. Wood vs. Plastic vs. Metal

What type of raised floor panel should you use?

Ten or twenty years ago, this question probably wouldn't have come up. Besides a few off-brand outliers, all raised floor panels were of similar construction: a concrete (cementitious) core sandwiched between layers of steel. Before that, and solid steel panels were the norm.

The Steel gives the panels most of their strength, and the concrete core prevents deformation of the steel casing.

Legionnaires’ Outbreak Highlights Critical HVAC Systems

A recent outbreak of Legionnaires' Disease, commonly associated with contaminated HVAC and Hydronic systems, highlights the importance of proper HVAC design and maintenance.

At least 102 people have been infected with Legionella pneumophila bacteria in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. The source of the bacteria is believed to be a contaminated cooling tower in a government building.

Industrial Water Filtration Systems

(Charlotte, NC) - Monitoring Management (MonMan) is pleased to announce its expansion into the industrial and commercial water filtration system industry.

MonMan is a top source of quality water filtration systems from 10 GPD (Gallons per Day) to 500,000 GPD. We design, market, install and service our filtration systems. We can custom design a system to include Reverse Osmosis, Deionization, Polishing, Carbon block/bed and membrane filtration methods.

MonMan now sells Vycon Flywheel UPS devices!

(Charlotte) - Monitoring Management (MonMan) is your best source for Vycon flywheel/rotary UPS products!

Vycon Flywheel UPS MonMan

With over a decade of experience in Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), from Static UPSs, Battery Systems, Diesel UPS and Flywheel UPS, MonMan is the leading power backup and conditioning firm in the Carolinas.

Why Humidification?

Today's high tech environment requires meticulous control of humidity to eliminate static electricity, ensure quality manufacturing processes, preserve precious documents and works of art, and provide comfort while adhering to Indoor Air Quality standards. The specific reasons to humidify are as numerous as the applications, but the purpose is common across the board: to eliminate problems that can damage products, ruin buildings, or jeopardize health.

When RH reaches levels below 35%, static electricity may develop on surfaces and materials. Static electricity is not only annoying; it can wreak havoc on computers by burning microchips, and wiping out memory cards. Elimination of static electricity also greatly reduces the risk of solvent fires in the printing industry - commercial presses develop extraordinary amounts of electricity at the roller and ignite solvents in the ink wells. And if you ever wiped your finger across your television screen you know that static electricity attracts dust, a real problem in the plastics and films manufacturing process where dust can ruin a product or in the healthcare industry where dust can kill.


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