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Electrical Safety Isn't a Part Time Job

MonMan Finds Electrical Problem

We saw this in a Motor Control Center (MCC). Needless to say, it was energized, running a large 40,000 CFM Air Handler.

Does something look wrong?

Toshiba G9000 UPS Series Awarded ENERGY STAR Qualification

Toshiba UPS

Toshiba International Corporation, Houston, TX, April 8, 2013 – The Toshiba International Corporation (TIC) Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS) G9000 Series has received the ENERGY STARTM qualification under the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new UPS category. The qualification includes every size of the G9000 product line, from 100-750 KVA.

Most Efficient UPS Tech Ever

Tokyo, Japan - Apr 7, 2013 (PRN): Power devices are strategic products, at the forefront of the discrete devices business. In power electronics, Toshiba's focus is on the development of MOSFETs and IGBTs, indispensable devices for securing an efficient, stable electricity supply—a precondition for flourishing smart communities that utilize big data in real time to realize high-performance infrastructure responsive to changing needs.

Toshiba RPP

Toshiba Remote Power Panels

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Remote Power Panels

Toshiba UPS

Toshiba UPS offers the most technically-advanced, efficient and reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply systems in the world.

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Read about Toshiba UPS & PDU products.

Toshiba UPS offers the most efficient static UPS available. With an industry-leading 97% true online efficiency, you've got amazing power protection that won't hurt your electric bill.

Toshiba PDU

Toshiba Power Distribution Units

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MonMan can provide a comprehensive electrical power backup system, with Toshiba UPS, PDU, RPP and surge suppression.

Standard PDU with Data Center-grade Transformer

Mission Critical (IT) Environments

Understanding the relationship between Facilities and IT is just as important as understanding the realtionship between the End User, Engineering and Contracting teams.  Service, Commissioning and Testing also have their place.

Electrical Equipment

We're Experts at Keeping the Lights On

MonMan Mission Critical Power

Monitoring Management represents the industry leading brands of Power Quality, Power Conditioning and Power Distribution equipment. 

Our experience with critical power systems goes back nearly 20 year. In those two decades, we have seen power technology change drastically. State of the art technology of yesterday would never satisfy even the most lax of specifications today.

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