Netfloor CamassCrete Low Profile Cable Management Access Floor System

Netfloor CamassCrete Series compliments the ECO series by offering a traditional concrete-core panel combined with height-adjustable pedestal legs.

The Netfloor CamassCrete product offers a unique method of managing cables (electrical, data, voice) in any environment where overhead cabling is impractical.

Benefits of the CamassCrete product versus others:Netfloor Cable Management Floor CamassCrete

  • Lighter than standard cementitious raised floor panels
  • Ease of installation and material handling
  • Lower environmental impact than most access floors

Netfloor CamassCrete is a highly-modular cable management system:

  • No damaging adhesives used on your subfloor
  • Product can be re-deployed
  • Cable routing is neat, orderly and simple
  • Major cabling re-working is possible with little downtime or interference with workers
  • Cable floor boxes are modular and can be located anywhere


Installation Packages

You have options when it comes to your flooring system:

  • Full design and installation services by MonMan
  • Design by MonMan, installation self-performed with supervision
  • MonMan can relocate your cable management floor when you move


Contact MonMan today to learn more about the Netfloor CamassCrete Cable Management Floor!

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