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Raised Access Floor in Raleigh, NC

Raleigh, North Carolina, has one of the highest raised access floor densities in the Southeast. Few other metro areas have the sheer square footage of access floor as Raleigh, and you would be hard pressed to find a city putting access floor to such a wide array of uses: Data centers, office buildings and call centers, bio-pharmaceutical, manufacturing and retail spaces.

When it comes to access floor, Raleigh is a city that truly uses such floor systems to their full ability.

Netfloor vs. Freeaxez

Netfloor Access Flooring vs. Freeaxez

Although Netfloor and Freeaxez are used in similar applications (low profile cable management floor), there are some important differences between the two products. To be sure, both are high quality products that are used in many applications.

How to Manage Cables

There are many ways to manage cables, from underfloor cable management, overhead cable management, power strips and cable covers. Which system you choose depends on your needs. The days of messy cable covers and cable organizers is past, however. There are a few alternatives which offer a more flexible, robust and scalable option for routing cables.

Overhead Cable Management

Overhead Cable Management

How to Hide Cables and Wires in an Office

Effectively managing electrical, IT, voice and data cables in a work environment can be a challenge for any facilities manager.

You should first decide if you simply want to "hide" your cables, or if you want to professionally manage them. Managing cables means routing them in an orderly manner between devices in your network, whether those devices are servers, phones, monitors or other devices.

Raised Access Floor

Raised Floors Add Value to your Facility


Raised Flooring is a vital part of how your facility operates. By elevating the working floor surface from your subfloor (often concrete or wood), you create a useful space for air distribution, power cables, and data and voice wires.

Once only used in data centers and electrical control rooms, many architects and facility owners/operators are finding out about the benefits of raised floors.

Raised Floor Design and Installation

No other firm offers design and installation services with the exacting standards of quality and construction that MonMan has. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality sets us worlds apart from the others.

As experts in the mission critical world, we do more than just build your floor. We design it. We integrate it. We build beautiful raised floors with a purpose: improving your uptime.

No other firm has the rich experience we have; We care about your facility as much as you do!

We offer complete raised floor project management packages:

Netfloor Replacement Parts

Raised Floor Panel Types: Concrete vs. Wood vs. Plastic vs. Metal

What type of raised floor panel should you use?

Ten or twenty years ago, this question probably wouldn't have come up. Besides a few off-brand outliers, all raised floor panels were of similar construction: a concrete (cementitious) core sandwiched between layers of steel. Before that, and solid steel panels were the norm.

The Steel gives the panels most of their strength, and the concrete core prevents deformation of the steel casing.

Netfloor CamassCrete Low Profile Cable Management Access Floor System

Netfloor CamassCrete Series compliments the ECO series by offering a traditional concrete-core panel combined with height-adjustable pedestal legs.

The Netfloor CamassCrete product offers a unique method of managing cables (electrical, data, voice) in any environment where overhead cabling is impractical.

Netfloor Low Profile Cable Management Access Floor

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Cable Management Floors Make Your Life Easier

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Low Profile Cable Management Flooring Advantages:

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