Netfloor vs. Freeaxez

Netfloor Access Flooring vs. Freeaxez

Although Netfloor and Freeaxez are used in similar applications (low profile cable management floor), there are some important differences between the two products. To be sure, both are high quality products that are used in many applications.

In an effort to help educate our customers, and future customers, this comparison of Netfloor and Freeaxez is being provided to help you select which product is right for your facility. Whether it's a call center, command/control center, office space, hospital, government building, IT room, or other application where unobtrusive cable management is important to you, this guide will prove to be helpful.

Construction/Material Type

Freeaxez: Metal

Netfloor: Metal, Concrete or Polypropylene

Netfloor Cable Management PlugWhile concrete sandwiched between layers of metal has been the standard-bearer for raised access flooring for decades, the times have changed. Architects, engineers and facilities managers are exploring other options such as metal and polypropylene, which can offer significant weight savings using environmentally-friendly materials.

Netfloor's low profile floor tiles come in three main flavors: metal, concrete or polypropylene. We can help you select which material is right for your building, and help you select the top finishing material that ties the room together (Wood, tile, bamboo, coconut, carpet, VCT, marble, terrazzo).

And with any floor panel material and top finishing, you can use our built-in cable management floor boxes. They come with a variety of plug and outlet options for power, voice, and data cables.

Ease of Installation

This may not be important if you are having your floor professionally installed, but it is nice to have a floor that is easily handled. Many low profile access floors are modular in design and can be redeployed at a new office location. In such a situation, a lightweight, modular floor with few components will make the job much easier.

Comparing Netfloor's metal floor with Freeaxez offers the closest comparison, and the floor systems have a similar ease of installation.

Netfloor's unique polypropylene floor panel, however, is the lightest on the market, and is easily handled by workers. Each panel, once installed, provides a generous 4 ft. ² of flooring, and can be quickly reduced to a smaller size, without any tools, to fit odd-shaped corners and edges.

Can I Build Walls, Cubicles, Counters on Top?

If you are building a new facility, or renovating your current one, you will want to know how your new access floor fits in with the rest of the building structure. In standard construction, walls, partitions, cubicles and counters are built directly on top of the subfloor (usually concrete or wood). Your floor finishing materials are then built around these obstacles.

With an access floor, however, you are adding a layer on top of your concrete or wood subfloor. How does this extra layer fit in to the building process?

Netfloor ECO You Can Build Walls On TopWith Netfloor, you can build non-structural walls directly on top of the floor system. This makes installation easy and provides a more uniform finish. Many of our customers have their Netfloor installed and build walls, counters and other fascia pieces directly on top.

Other brands do not have this ability and do not recommend building walls and other structures on top of their floors. Your installer will need to make many more cuts to work the floor around the walls.

Additionally, Netfloor's ability to be a continuous flooring system under the office walls means the built-in cable raceways are continuous--making IT and electrical wiring much more simple.


When comparing Netfloor vs. Freeaxez, price should be one of your criterion for selection, once you have selected which flooring system best meets your needs. Netfloor and Freeaxez are comparably priced, but we are able to offer volume discounts through our robust supply chain. Give us a call or email, let us know about your project, and we will work with you to come up with a great solution at a price that makes sense!

If Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is important to you, then Netfloor should be on your short list. Our simple, efficient, modular design is fast to install, easy to run cables and simple to change as your design and layout changes over time. Netfloor offers the lowest TCO in the low profile access floor industry!

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